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Excise Department

Excise Department

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Citizen's Charter

This Charter is a declaration of our mission, goals, values, efforts, duties, standards, and our sincere commitment to guide and help our licensees, liquor consumers and public at large.


• High standards of service for our clients and members of public who have an actual or potential interest in the working of this department.
• Sustainable excellence and transparency in formulation of policies dovetailing it with courtesy, promptness and reliability in its day-to-day functioning.


• To discharge the primary responsibility of revenue collection for the developmental activities in Delhi, the capital city.
• To regulate the trade in liquor, intoxicants and narcotics in Delhi as per the Law and to discharge the responsibility of making safe liquor available to the consumers.
• To increase awareness amongst the public to abstain from consuming unauthorized/illicit liquor.
• To collect entertainment tax and also ensure at the same time that Delhi retains the image of being cultural city of the Nation and events promoting Art, Culture or Literature are encouraged.
• To ensure proper revenue collection from Luxury Tax without adversely affecting the Tourism Industry.



• Wholesale liquor licensees (IMFL and country liquor warehouses) and retail liquor licensees   (Hotels/Clubs/Restauratns & Vends of Government undertaking/ Private Vends.)
• Wholesale/retail traders of medicinal and toiletry preparations like hospitals, Nursing homes etc.


• Organizers/societies/individuals involved in entertainment activities like exhibition, live performance, amusement, games including Horse Race and cinema halls.
• Cable T.V. network operators
• Video parlours


• Hotels, Clubs, Inn, Guest Houses and Paying Guest accommodation or a building etc. providing residential accommodation on rent of Rs. 500/- or more per room per day.


• Grant of license to wholesale/retail traders of liquor, intoxicants and narcotic drugs and levy duty as per Punjab Excise Act,1914 extended to Delhi and relevant Rules
• Grant of permission for entertainment activities like exhibition, live performances, amusement like cinema, theatre, fun parks, ticketed sports events (including horse race), Cable T.V. and charge Entertainment Tax or grant exemption from E.T., wherever permissible under Delhi Entertainment & Betting Tax Act, 1996.
• Grant of registration to Hotels, Guest Houses etc. providing residential accommodation and levy Luxury Tax under Delhi Tax on Luxuries Act,1996.

Courtesy to the clients is watchword of the department and is brought home through attitudinal shift amongst employees, boosting their morale and introducing element of self pride.


(i) Single Window Counter set up to receive the applications and deliver the licences.
(ii) Issue of L-20 licences Licence across the counter by eliminating the filling work.
(iii) Issue of L-49A licensees from the reception counter of the Deptt. at L-Block, Vikas Bhawan, as well as from the 314 L-2 IMFL Vends being own by DTTDC, DSIDC, DSCSC & DCCWS.
(iv) Payment of licence fee/duty/taxes from 30 more branches of SBI in addition to the counter at the Headquarters.
(v) The department’s website has been made dynamic to ensure that the information regarding details of licencees etc. is automatically updated.
(vi) Introduction of Holograms on all bottles of Imported Foreign Liquor to ensure sale of only authorized liquor.
(vii) Installation of touch screen kiosk in Reception area;
(viii) Integration of the Luxury Tax collection into the computerized system for collection of Tax through SBI.
(ix) Online receipt of purchase order from Hotel/Club/Restt./Corporation& Private Vends and online generation of TPs in response to said orders.
(x) Online NOC for theatre groups is likely to start soon
(xi) Online cinema occupancy declaration is also likely to be launched soon.
(xii) A new entertainment policy of the Government has been formulated wherein relief to small theatre groups from Entertainment Tax has been given and certain other measures taken for promotion of art, culture and heritage.


The department’s endeavor is to dispose of the applications received for any purpose in a time bound manner. The following schedule has been finalized for various activities subject to fulfillment of prescribed documentary/ statutory requirements by the applicant :-

• Issue of L-1 Licence 6 Weeks
• Issue of L-2/ L-10 Licence 6 Weeks
• Issue of L-52/ L-53 Licence 6 Weeks
• Renewal of L-2/ L-10/ L-52/ L-53 Licence 4 Weeks
• Issue of L-49 Licence 2 Weeks
• Renewal of L-49 Licence 2 Weeks
• Issue of L-3/ L-5/ L-4/ L-20 Licence 6 Weeks
• Renewal of L-3/ L-5/ L-4/ L-20 Licence 4 Weeks
• Application for additional Godown (L-1/ L-9/ L-2/ L-10/ L-52/ L-53) 2 Weeks
• Application for shifting of Vend (L-2/ L-10/L-52/ L-53) 2 Weeks
• Application for shifting of Godown (L-1/ L-9) 2 Weeks
• Application for shifting of Bar 1 Week
• Application for additional Hour 1 Week
• Application for additional area 2 Weeks
• Application for change of Attorney (IMFL/ CL) 1 Week
• Revalidation of Permits Acceptance/ Rejection 2 days
• Follow up action on accidental consignments 1 Week

Entertainment Tax

• Invitee Program within 1 Week
• Tax Paid Program within 1 Week
• Tax Exemption within 1 Month
• Tax Exemption/ Preview of Films within 1 Month

Luxury Tax

• Registration of New Hotel/Guest House 3 Weeks
• Amendment in Registration Certificate 1 Week

The above schedule is applicable on those applications which are complete in all regard and are submitted along with all the requisite documents and prescribed fee, if any.


The Government of Delhi had given right to the Citizens to get the information under the Delhi Right to Information Act, 2001. The information is given within 30 days and in case it is to be denied then the applicant will get a rejection letter with cogent reasons for rejecting his/her application. The duty of providing information or passing a speaking order for rejecting a particular application has been given to a designated Competent Authority in each Department. The Act also provides a right to appeal to Public Grievances Commission against such orders.
• Any person seeking information under the Act can file an application in Form-A to the Competent Authority in the Department.

• A nominal fee of Rs. 25/- per application will be charged for supply of information other than the information relating to Tender documents/ Bids/ Quotations/ Business Documents. However, for business documents, an application fee of Rs. 500/- will be charged. In addition, a sum of Rs. 5/- per page will be charged for supply of copies of information.


The Government of India has promulgated “The Right to Information Act 2005” to give right to get information to citizen in order to promote transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority. The Right to Information includes the inspection of work, documents, records, taking extracts of copies of documents and records hold by or under the control of any public authority.
• It is obligatory to provide the information within 30 days of receipt of the application and in case the request for seeking information is to be rejected, the same has to be communicated to the applicant with reasons for rejection.

• The first Appellate Authority is the Commissioner (Excise, Entt. & Luxury Taxes),i.e., Head of Deptt.

• There is provision of filing second appeal before the Central Information Commission also.

• Application for seeking information information to be filled before the Asstt. Public Information Officer/ Public Information Officer of the deptt.

• Application fee of Rs. 10/- per application through cash or DD or bankers Cheque or postal order.

For inspection of the record, no fee for the first hour and a fee of Rs. 5/- for each 15 minutes (or fraction thereon) thereafter is chargeable.

• The application for seeking information under this Act can be submitted at the Single Window Counter of the department located at the ground floor.

Public Information Officers under RTI Act,2005
For Excise Deptt. For Entt./Cable/Luxury Tax
Deputy Commissioner (Excise)/Collector Of Excise Deputy Commissioner (Taxes)
TEL. : 2337 08 68, 2337 80 91   Tel. : 23370033
FAX : 23370220 FAX : 23370220
E-mail: dcexcise@nic.in E-mail : dctexcise.delhi@nic.in

Excise, Entertainment & Luxury Tax
Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi
L-Block, Vikas Bhawan, I.P. Estate, New Delhi – 110 002
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